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LAKE FILMS is an independent film production company based in Staten Island, New York. Established in 1995 by award winning filmmaker Lance J. Reha, the company has consistently produced high quality entertaining films in the horror, thriller and, as of 2010, dramatic genres. 
   Through the years LAKE FILMS has provided a creative atmosphere for artists interested in the world of independent filmmaking. Mr. Reha has always welcomed talented individuals with strong work ethics and unique visions. 
   Since its inception, LAKE FILMS has lensed several short subject and feature length movies, each a twisted tale of suspense and the macabre. Many of these films have garnered high praise and prestigious awards. 
   Today, Producer/Director Lance J. Reha embarks on a bold, new project, entitled "The Mind's Eye". Each episode will have its own unique look and style. Every story will contain that dark, poignant wit we all have come to expect from a LAKE FILMS production. "The Mind's Eye" will showcase the diverse talents of many bright young actors, screenwriters and  technical artists.

    Also in the works are several short films along with feature films. Have a look around, enjoy & I'll see you at the movies...
Director, Lance J. Reha
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