Lake Films

Take a look behind the scenes from some of our films. Enjoy!

Erik Barkhimer as
'Terry Jennings' in
'Drawing Conclusions'
Some of the cast/crew from 'The Fire Within' after a long day of shooting the 'electric chair' scene.
Slasher & friends pay a visit in "The Fire Within'
Produced & Directed by: Lance J. Reha
The 'card table'  scene from 'Forbidden'
Produced & Directed by: Lance J. Reha
Brad Wagman 
'Drawing Conclusions'
Makeup artist William Borum readies actor Joe Abbate for his big finale scene in 'Forbidden'.
Paul Dunleavy as 'Ward' in
'Drawing Conclusions'
Directed by: Lance J. Reha
Actor Jonathan Hemingway in...
'The Pages Of Sin' 
the 4th installment in  'The Mind's Eye'

Director, Lance J. Reha
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On WSIA 88.9 FM, a Staten Island Live Radio show on the campus of the College of Staten Island.
Director Lance J. Reha  poses in front of the WSIA radio station.
Tom Dernback as Lincoln in "The last room on the left".
The premiere of "The Pages of Sin".
The original's from the 1st version of "Sledge".
The cast & crew after wrapping on "The Fire Within".
New York's own "Only real Rock Radio Station" Q104.3's Jonathan Clarke is set to be in "Night Watch."
Brenda Cooney will be playing "Nora" in Night Watch, a character with, shall I say, 'many sides' to her personality..
Richard Miller as
(From l-r) Tony Galtieri & Brenda Cooney read through an intense scene as Paul DiGennaro & Brian Cano look on awaiting their turn
Producer Angela Antonopoulos & Director Lance J. Reha. check the performances at the last rehersal before the shoot begins
Screenwriter, Chris Mancuso reads for the rehersal
 Producer, Angela Antonopolous takes the helm and shoots some 'behind the scenes' footage for the special edition DVD...
The last day of Principal Photography
on "Night Watch"
The 'car mount' in action..
The 'stars' take a well deserved break
Just like old friends..
Brenda & Tony during a break in the action.
Some behind the scenes shots of Jonathan Clarke's "Field Reporter" scenes. This was shot pretty quick as Jonathan was prepared and ready!
Night Watch will feature a guest apearance by former CBS & now NESN sports reporter Tina Cervasio.
From behind the lens,Tina Cervasio preparing for her scene. Thanks to Matt & CTV for letting us use the "chroma key studio". 
We like what we see during the last shooting day on "Night Watch"
Frank applying makeup on an actor and on himself as well, on the first shoot  of "Dark Reflections"
A Man of many talents!
My 2 "Clowns"
Frank & an 'old star'
Tiffany Scott will be appearing
in "Dark Reflection"
Kimbra Eberly & Kenny Graham from 'The Director's Chair' tape a segment for the "making of, makeup in the movies" for their upcoming film festival.  Lake films has 3 films in the fest!

Lake Films' Writer, Chris Mancuso during a quick break in the 90+ heat out in NJ
George, Frank & Lance after a great night shoot
A sincere thanks to the folks over at 'bump in the night productions' for letting us use their puppet in the film "Dark Reflection" Support independent film!!
Tiana applies 'bruise' makeup to Tiffany Scott for the opening scene of the film. Tiffany was a sport, as was my whole cast & crew, enduring bugs, heat and weeds! 
Lance & Frank pose for what was the last day of Principal Photography on Dark Reflection!! Tiffany surprised us all with great acting and enthusiasm. Wait till you see the opening scene!
It all starts here...
Late night out in NJ on the last day of Principal Photography.
The last shoot, completed!
Chris Mancuso (Writer) unloads the 'clown gear' from the Lake Films van...
The abuse of Writer Chris Mancuco continues...

No really, we did 'pick-up' shots for Dark Reflection and Chris was cool enough to volunteer to be butchered! Pedro came down for the makeup, a long ride for a couple of hours work, I'll tell ya, dedication!
Even I got the blade! Better watch out the next time I call CUT!
Directing a crucial scene, probably at 1 AM in the morning!
Pedro works his magic on poor victim Tom Greely
A day with Director Armand Mastrianni...
I had the pleasure of spending the day with Armand shooting inserts for his new feature. It supposed to take place in Staten Island. We went everywhere from the SI ferry to Newark Airport.

We talked about working together on a future project, stay tuned for that!!

Lake Films' newest
member of the family!
The Panasonic 24p..
Mark Armstrong as "Ed Timmons"
Greg Bodkin as "Mack Chambers"
John Koprowski as "Leroux"
Catherine Pierce as "Captain Tucci"
Elizabeth Plevy as "Sally"
Willie Hill as "The Coroner"
Drew Maniscalco as "Decker"
Marlene Artov as "Elizabeth Kaplan"
Dennis Albanese as "John Kaplan"
Linda Prussen as "Shirley the Waitress"
'Night Watch'
'Dark Reflection'
Some 'before' pictures of the locations we'll be shooting in. These are "Leroux's" death warehouse, & the others are the Detective's offices, interrogation room, the locker room etc...
I just wanted to show you what goes into a location. When you see the final film, these locations will have taken on a totally different look & feel...
Gotta love the magic of the movies!
Some shots from our first read through...
After the "FBI" scene
Executive Producers Willie Galarza & Chris Pascale
Tiana & Pedro get Kristen ready for her 'debut'
**Note the 'logo' on the table, we will say no more...
The 'finale', man what a day, 12 hrs. Looks unreal though, especially with the crane shots I used..
Chris gets the good jobs! Hardcore Chris, someone had to clean the blood off!.
          After the 'Morgue' scene.
Dennis & Marlene pose after their 'father/daughter' scene
Fun shoot at 'The Burger Chef". My good friend Dave was nice enough to let us film a scene in his place. Linda Prussen came all the way from LI for the scene and did a nice job!
The big 'arrest' scene! We were lucky enough to have Curtis come down for the shoot & with him he brought a friend that had a 'legit' vehicle that we used and to boot he's a musician and may be doing some work for LF's...
This was a fun shoot, people were slowing down to see the 'arrest' in progress!
Chris & Sal hard at work in making "Captian Tucci's (Catherine Pierce)" scenes look great!
The Director and his Detectives
The scene in action!
Setting up the 'crane shot' out in NJ again!
The Victim (Francesca Hoff) ready to go..
*On a side note, she was brave enough to get into a real bodybag!!
Mark Armstrong, Willie Hill & Drew Maniscalco going over their lines
These guys came in from Philly for the shoot, I'll tell ya, dedication!
After shooting the 'crime scene' 
The last shooting day at 'the warehouse.' We loved this place!
Screenwriter Chris Mancuso looks at the action unfolding (L)

Taking a short break between takes (R)
After the shoot is over we make memories with our actors & crew!
Everyone, eat this chocolate!
Seriously, we'd like to thank the owners of Superior Confections for letting us use their facilities during production. We never would have gotten the 'look' we achieved at this location. And yes, the chocolate is good!
The Producer even worked on the props, I'll tell ya, indie filmmaking! (L)

"Chambers & Timmons" pose with the Director after a great shoot. (R)
Older Films...
Rosemary Gore 
'Baby Doll'
The cast & crew from "Baby Doll' after wrapping.
Photo Gallery
Frank getting into "Diddles" makeup...
Lance with his parents
Getting ready to film a TV show at SI Cable