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-March 2017-Production has started for "PHOTOKILL." Written by Tom Bragg.

-Films we've completed in the last few years: "Heart of the battle," "The Block," "A dance with Andrea," "Addicted," "Help Wanted," "Divided," 

Dennis Albanese, another one of Lake Films' great assets, passed away on January 24, 2010. Like Frank Dudley, Dennis will also be getting a tribute page.

 Frank Dudley, one of Lake Films' greatest assets, passed away in the early hours of December 5, 2010. A page dedicated solely to Frank will be available on this website.

Baby Doll & Dark Refection on DVD
4 Gravestones
  These two short films from “Lake Films” are the latest works from a company that 
really loves what they do and it shows it too.  The first film “Baby Doll” Stars 
Rosemary Gore in the title role and her helpless victim is a man held 
captive by a crazy chick (who among us hadn’t been there) as she lives out her 
fantasy of being a little girl.   As this poor son of a bitch tries in vain to get away, she 
holds him there, beats him over and over and all the time play acting (or just nuts altogether depending on how you see it) that she is this little girl playing dress 
up.  Rosemary is just wonderful in the part of the wacky chick and pulls it off well 
and  makes you truly feel scared for her victim as he tries dealing with the crazy little/ grown up girl.
  In their short film “Dark Reflections” Lake Films treats us to a tale of madness and 
murder seen by the eyes of a crazy ass clown. (I knew them bastards were all evil!)  
This short flick is played well and very dark and spooky as director Lance Reha 
brings his best to this film.  The clown too is creepy but then again I always found 
clowns to be a little dark and spooky.  Anyone who puts on make-up or a mask and 
goes about........oh wait a minute....... that’s me too! Well after all......I am Dark Soul.
Published in 'Dark Moon Rising' 2008