A word from the Director..

starring Richard Miller & Brenda Cooney
with Jonathan Clark  Brian Cano
& Paul DiGennaro
written by Chris Mancuso
produced by Angela Antonopoulos
 directed by Lance J. Reha
"There's no escape from the truth."
"Dylan's Tree"
Dylan Fletcher visits his ailing grandfather, 
Norman (Frank Albanese, The Sopranos) on his  85th birthday.  
A retired New York cop and WWII hero, Dylan has always 
idolized his grandfather and aspires to be just like him 
some day, but sadly his misspent youth has started him 
on the wrong track. While digging through Norman's 
attic, Dylan comes across the old man's faded memories 
and war mementos, among which he finds a mysterious box of teeth. 
Human teeth. 
Dylan soon learns that there is a terrible secret 
Norman has been hiding for decades.  
A truth which threatens everything
 Dylan has  ever come to believe.
The 'official' "Dark Reflection" poster.  Courtesy of talented Graphic Artist Brian J. Cano
Compulsive gambler,  Ronnie Falco is on a losing streak. 
He owes forty thousand dollars to a Roger Willis,  a ruthless loan shark. 
 Unable to pay off his debt,  Ronnie is forced into a deadly game where 
the stakes are higher than ever and the odds are stacked against him. 
Too late,  he realizes he may have just placed his last bet. 
Will his bad luck come to an end,  or will his life?
When the bodies of the dead are suddenly re-animated in to murderous 
cannibals, the world is thrown into turmoil as the living struggle for their very
 survival. Modern technology has been rendered useless by unseen forces and 
mankind's primal instinct takes over. People are forced to make a choice: Fight or Flight.
 But how do you kill an enemy that is already dead? 
How do you win a war when every dead body adds 
to the ranks of those you're fighting against?
  Alan, a sixty year old widower, and his two twenty-something daughters, Megan and Kate, 
take refuge in an old bomb shelter beneath the basement of their home.
  As days pass, their meager stockpile of supplies dwindles to almost nothing.  
When Alan's life is threatened by an illness, it is Megan who takes charge and ventures 
back up to the world above to find help and supplies, 
leaving Kate behind to care for their Father.
 What will she find?  Has mankind been able to end the assault, 
or is it the living who have been evicted from the planet?

"Code Name:Ginny"

This story is based on a true story and was written by Joseph Squatritto. Lake Films is making this film and Lance is Directing it... I felt that this is an important story that NEEDED to be told, & I'm telling it!

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