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Lake Films Does It Eileen Hanlon

This past weekend Lance Reha of Lake Films had the premiere screenings of his latest three movies. It was invitation only and the place was packed. Everyone was excited to see his latest efforts. First up was Dylan's Tree which featured Frank Albanese who is always great and gives a chilling perfomance here. Rocco Cherichella gives a credible turn as Dylan. Dylan uncovers a family truth that may be interlaced with his bloodline. Next up was Bullet, which proved to be the most intense of the three stories. Mark Armstrong portrays a gambler in debt to a genteel southern loanshark expertly played by Richard Miller. Armstrong demonstrates the ability to prevail upon the viewer the terror that is upon him. Adrian Matilla provides the menace in the form of the henchman to Miller's loanshark. This story is an account of a man taking extreme chances. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. Gina Ferranti is the leading lady that must set out to save her loved ones in Eviction, a terror tale about the Earth being invaded by alien life form and turning the humans into zombies. Frank Dudley co-stars as the father of two twentysomething daughters that go in hiding at the height of the pending disaster. Tiffany Scott gives an impressive turn as the younger daughter that tends to the home when her sister must strike out on her own to get provisions. Lance Reha has covered all of his trademark bases to set the tone of his stories with the elements of moody cinematography and creating an edgy environment that makes one want to squirm. And as usual he throws in his twists along the way. I thought all of the films were good and the acting was strong but I am partial to Eviction because my friends and I had bit parts as zombies in the movie. It was amusing to don the zombie makeup and become zombified. The film shooting caused quite a commotion out on the streets of SI. We were covered in "blood." It was fun to exchange stories with other cast members about their experience on location. The makeup and effects were really cool. And of course Lance had his twist ending in there for good measure. You too may check out these movies on CTV. We will be running them this weekend as part of The Director's Chair TV Island Arts Expo. You may watch the movies on Channel 57 during the festival or better yet, come down to the CTV Studios at 100 Cable Way. Check the site for a schedule of festival airings and events.
All I can say is WOW! ;) You totally outdid yourself on this one!  With every project you do, you simply get better and better and better!  AMAZING!  The extra DVD was a nice touch, it shows what 'really goes on with the film-making!  Really nice! I am so proud to be a part of it, again. ;)
Speak to you soon and again, WOW!
Tiffany Scott, Actress
Wow, what can I say. Production on these 3 films was fantastic. Easy, & well "oiled" to say the least. By 'easy' by no means do I mean it was easy to make these films, no way, making movies is hard work, especially at our level. Easy meaning, everything went as planned, things fell into place. Dylan's Tree was started in the winter of 07, Bullet was filmed (in 1 shoot) at winter's tail end and Eviction was started late spring/early summer and continues to this day. I'm still editing and doing small pick up shots. I know Eviction started at that time because the day of our 1st shoot, it was 100+ degrees! Ask my actors, lol. 
The Director's insight  on what went into making these films...
Whew, it's the morning after the world premier. And it was a huge success! We had a crowd of about 100. The films went over very well & everyone was happy & surprised with the quality and acting in these films.  The room was fantastic and loaded with goodies ranging from popcorn to candy bars. It gives me so much inspiration to go out and start another film, which I will! The 'fan' favorite seemes to be BULLET because of it's intensity & surprise ending. Not to say the others weren't equally as good,  because they are. After they are all 'my babies' so I personally do not have a favorite.  So until the next update keep the 'reels' spinning!

Lance J. Reha, Director
Holy shit Lance! Great job on the films last night! Bullet was friggin 
amazing! I loved Mark in it! Eviction was great too. Good job with it.
Thanks for the Production Assistant credit. That was sweet of you.
Francesca Hoff, PA

I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time last night.  It was so much fun to watch Eviction!  You really did a great job with the film, and I am very proud of it.Thank you for the evening, and the great experience of working on Eviction
Hope to see you soon!
Gina Ferrante, Actress
Some awesome work! Thanks for allowing me to bring my creativity to the project. Your words on the dvd were very kind.Thanks for everything.
Richard Miller, Actor
What's up Lance!...As Belushi said in "Animal House": Holy shit! That was AWESOME! I'm still getting over it. I may need to see a therapist. I said it before and I'm gonna say it again: You are a brilliant film maker and the BEST Director I've ever had the honor to work with and a really cool dude on top of it. You are DEFINITELY on your way Bro! Thank you so much for believing in me Lance. I'll never forget that. I'll say it again:AWESOME! ****. I'm gonna watch it again after the simpsons.....Had a blast today. Let's do it again really soon...
Mark Armstrong, Actor
Thanks so much for sending me my copy . Finally I watched Eviction, including the behind the scenes footage. As always, I am very impressed. With each and every  film, you are always very consistent in displaying the highest level of your creativity to your audience. It's so awesome to watch the camera angles and see the style you choose to shoot the scenes. And I must say that Pedro did an awesome job with all the special effects makeup, etc. All the zombies looked awesome and was shown in good ( No pun intended, there ;-) Seriously though I had a lot of fun with my scene and I think that it really worked in this film.
I also believe the script is extremely well-written and you and Chris have all the reason in the world to be very proud and confident that someone will bring you financial backing for this to be made into a feature. Be sure to keep it out there for all to see and surely it will take notice.I am looking forward to hearing the update on that. 
As for the cast, well is top notch. What great and generous performances all the actors gave to each other, which definitely shows through the lens to the audience. Its so nice to see that everything you do is progressing and always moving forward. 
I want to thank you for the opportunity and look forward to your next film and the next time we can work together. Be sure to call me and  Let's do something great together!
Keep in touch!
 Best always to you,
 Steve DiGennaro, Actor

lance, I got the movie this weekend THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Truely a great job !!! and a great movie all around man. Everything is so well put was great I can't get over it..I musta watched it like ten times already lol..anyway I am as always glad I was apart of it & I knew it was going to be successful from the day we shot it. Keep doing what your doing man you have a gift. Hope we can work together again soon. Also thank you for all the nice compliments on the special features.
Adrian Matilla, Actor
Dylan's Tree, Bullet & Eviction

'Final Edition'
A letter from Actor Mark Armstrong regarding his experience on the film "Confessions"...

Once again, an amazing job by all! Still can't believe my eyes. Regarding the Special Features DVD, I just to say how much i truly appreciate all of the lies...:O)
Um, I mean, all of the wonderful words, stories, compliments, and praises you had to say about me and working with me.
Not to mention all the screen time. :)

Believe me, multiple that by a least a thousand and that's just the tip of the iceberg of how i feel about you. I'm not only lucky and privilaged to have been a part of this film,  but also to have been able to meet, work, and learn from everyone. 

And even more importantly, to become friends.
For this, i thank you. 

I wish all of you - all the success in the world and hope that we work together again one day.

Break A Leg!

From Actor, Tony Galtieri
Hey Lance,
  Just wanted to again say how much I enjoyed the screening the other night. You continue to impress me with everything from the quality of the finished product to the caliber of people you know. Its an amazing thing to see your friends/fellow actors/directors work on something so great. It always helps me hang in there to see the successes of others in the industry. 
It would be an extreme privilege for any actor to work with such great people like you. Its an actors dream come true.
Feel free to contact me anytime for anything.
All my best, 
~Steve DiGennaro 
Actor, Steve DiGennaro
Hey Lance -

   I've just received my copy of the DVD and had a quick look over the stuff, I will watch it all later, but so far it all looks amazing. 

   My husband and I were just talking about the shots and how they look, you did an excellent job. I love the scene with John and the cop, where the cop is chained to some piece of metal on the ground, it's shot so well and it look amazing.

  Let me know when the next showing is taking place and give my love to anyone else you see......
 It was great working with you Lance, i really enjoyed it.

Thanks for everything,
Actor, Brenda Cooney
Hi Lance.  I just wanted to let you know that we received the dvd and enjoyed it very much.  I thought the editing was especially good.  Thanks for taking such good care of Elizabeth, and best of luck in all your future projects.
Warm regards,
Randi Plevy 
Parent of Actor, Elizabeth Plevy